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The Importance of Being You

You’ve probably heard the famous Oscar Wilde quote, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” That’s one valid reason to be yourself. But the most important reason is that being yourself will lead you to your greatest happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Being Yourself is Your Life’s Purpose

Part of life’s journey is uncovering YOU. The closer you get to your core, the more easily the journey unfolds. This happens because you are more aligned with your purpose, which is part of a bigger divine plan. When you align and flow with the divine creative force, doors open for you and synchronistic events help everything fall into place.

Factors that Pull Us Off-Track

Being yourself may sound like a simple and natural thing to do, but we all experience influences that pull us off center. These may include:

Other People

Well-meaning authority figures may convince us to be something other than ourselves. Some influence is important, such as teaching us how to live within our society and best utilize opportunities such as education. The challenge is to discern what is truly in your best interest and what is someone else’s view of who you should be.

Self-Doubt, Self-Sabotage

We often pull ourselves off track due to fear and doubt. You may ask yourself “Who do I think I am to dream this big?” Know that the dreams would not be placed in your heart if you weren’t the perfect person to carry them out. Think back to any time you’ve overcome a challenge and gained strength from that experience. Each time you conquer fear or doubt, your faith becomes stronger.

Start Now

Have no regrets. It’s not too late to return to yourself. Everything you’ve experienced has been preparing you for what’s next. What is your heart longing for?

Do you feel drawn toward a new career? Travel destination? Hobby? Class? Any of these longings are a nudge from your soul leading you to be more in alignment with your true self. Don’t be afraid to take that first step. From there, the next step will reveal itself.

Final Thoughts

  • Living to please others may bring moments of temporary satisfaction, but not long-term fulfillment. Faith in yourself is a long-term investment in your happiness.

  • You are fully supported by the loving force that created you. You have angels and guides with you at all times. You are safe. Ask for guidance and assistance when you need it.

  • Embrace it all. Your mistakes and setbacks serve to provide you with growth and strength.

  • Believe in yourself. You are a powerful force that is creating your life, so why not create the life YOU want!

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