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Client & Student Testimonials

I recently had the pleasure of attending Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) classes with Ms. Laura Haley, and I am beyond impressed with her teaching style and the profound impact her classes have had on my personal and professional growth. Laura’s deep knowledge and passion for IET® are evident in every session, making the learning experience both enlightening and transformative.

From the very first class, Laura created a welcoming and supportive environment. She has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable segments, ensuring that students of all levels can grasp the intricacies of energy therapy. Her teaching is methodical, yet infused with a warmth and enthusiasm that keeps you engaged and eager to learn more.

One of the standout aspects of Laura’s classes is her emphasis on practical application. She skillfully balances theory with hands-on practice, allowing students to experience the benefits of IET® firsthand. Her demonstrations are clear and thorough, and she always takes the time to address individual questions and provide personalized guidance.

Laura’s dedication to her students' success is truly commendable. She fosters a nurturing learning atmosphere where everyone feels valued and encouraged to grow. Her feedback is always constructive and aimed at helping you refine your skills. Additionally, her meditative and healing sessions during the classes are incredibly powerful, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and more connected to your inner self.

What sets Laura apart is her genuine care for her students' well-being. She goes above and beyond to ensure that each student leaves her class not only with a deeper understanding of IET® but also with a sense of empowerment and self-discovery. Her passion for energy healing is contagious, and she inspires you to continue exploring and integrating these practices into your daily life.

In conclusion, Laura is an exceptional teacher whose IET® classes are a blend of knowledge, practical skills, and heartfelt guidance. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of energy therapy and embark on a journey of personal healing and growth, I wholeheartedly recommend her classes. The experience is transformative, and the lessons learned will stay with you long after the class ends.


Billerica, MA

As a trained Reiki Master, I believe in the power of healing energy that we can’t ‘see,’ but can sense and feel as we move through each day.


In the times that I’ve joined an IET angelic healing session over the phone, or on ZOOM, with Laura, the authentic energy starts even before the call. 


Once the healing session begins, Laura explains what will be happening for the best good of the group. She chooses three Angels from a bright blue ‘Bag of Blessings’ (and who doesn’t appreciate a blessing?!) It’s  interesting, and fun, to see what angels join the group. Laura then guides us to focus on different areas of the body to release limiting beliefs that may be holding us back, and she immediately replaces them with empowering, uplifting beliefs that she receives. 


Her accuracy and intuition are astonishing. 


No words can convey just how healing and powerful the Angelic IET sessions are - and in less than an hour of time.  It is a blessing to experience. Why not give a special, healing gift to yourself, or to someone you love? 



Laura is an amazing teacher. I have done all of my IET training  through the master level with her, as well as personal IET sessions. She has a very calm demeanor, explains everything in an organized detailed manner, taking into account different learning styles. The group settings were very supportive. I highly recommend Laura and am very thankful to have connected with her.  

Kim Visconti

North Reading, MA

You exude kindness and warmth at such an intense level.  Your ability to teach is amazing.  It is hard to put into words a day of learning, being surrounded by love (both with the angels and your presence).


Thank you so much Laura for all of the positive energy and kindness you showed.  They are the beauties of an angel that are typically overlooked by people and you exude them in such an overwhelming way.


The attunement you gave to me in the first hour of class was, in it of itself, an enormous blessing.  I truly meant it when I told you that if the class had to end at that moment, I would have felt blessed, content, and grateful.


Your talent and beauty are truly angelic.


Thank you for enriching my world, Laura.


With gratitude and love,

Kathy Gee

Kathy Gee

Reading, MA

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Julianne M. Gacioch

​I met Laura many years ago through her Angel workshop and level 1 IET classes. I had seen her brochure once, and as synchronicity goes, continued to see her name and IET pop up everywhere.  A psychic friend of mine confirmed “she would be a good teacher for you…. her energy’s very clear…. very safe.”   


The content, clarity of presentation, and integrity of her engagement with the group was so compelling that I knew I found the person to help me do my own necessary work.  After my first individual session, I was hooked! The energy of IET and the various levels of treatment she can provide is quite profound and easily and deeply felt.  IET helped me on so many levels, and I love that I can physically feel the release and reconnection for days.    


As a lightworker, I treasure my connection and monthly self-care appointments with Laura. Although I miss her physical presence and serene office, I greatly appreciate and truly benefit from her distant healing sessions, especially now.  


North Shore, MA

​I recently attended an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor class with Laura and found her teaching style to be very straightforward and easy to understand. She offered lots of time for practice and breaks, which was nice as the energy soared at times throughout the weekend class. I would definitely recommend Laura as a teacher for anything and everything to do with Integrated Energy Therapy. She is very knowledgeable and definitely makes you feel warm and welcome in her class.

Dawn Wilbur

Frankfort, ME

​I have been working with Laura for several years.  I first saw Laura prior to knee replacement surgery.  The combination of Reiki and IET energy work that Laura did eased my pain and greatly aided in my recovery.  I also saw Laura for some nerve impingement pain and again, felt tremendous pain relief after her sessions.  When it was time for a second knee replacement, I again sought out Laura with the same great healing results.


Laura's energy work is also very therapeutic and brings me much peace and clarity.  I always feel better after a session with Laura.


The setting in which Laura works is very relaxing and she uses calming music during the sessions. 


I highly recommend both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy sessions with Laura

Kathleen Abrams

Andover, MA

​Laura, I want to thank you again for two absolutely wonderful, life-changing classes. I’m so glad I decided to take them!  Your aura is beautiful and it felt wonderful just to be with you.  Meeting the Angels was very, very special and I’m so looking forward to asking individual ones to help me move in all the positive directions they wish for me, as well as invite them all to help me collectively send out much needed love to the world.


Take care, and thank you for becoming a part of my life.


Marlborough, MA

​Laura is an amazing person and spiritual teacher. I would highly recommend her Integrated Energy Therapy classes at Circles of Wisdom. The classes not only helped me grow personally and spiritually, but I’ve started to help many people. I’ve only been practicing since December and I’ve already worked on a dozen people. We also worked with Laura on manifestation. Everything I put on my board has already started to manifest. Very powerful! She’s amazing!

Daniela Basile

Woburn, MA

​I began my IET® journey with Laura in January and just received my Master-Instructor certificate this past weekend. I am so grateful for her teaching style and how she kept it light and fun. We learned a ton of magical material in a matter of two days. Laura is a gem of a teacher and human being. Although I’m thrilled to have my MI certificate so I can share this amazing work with others, I feel like I could take that class all over again!

Laura Edelman

Kingston, NH

​Laura, thank you for the Healing Angel Energy Workshop with IET. The energy-related class helped to bring self-healing as I walk upon this spirit journey, and to sense more of the angel presence that surrounds us. It was very much appreciated and time well spent.

Sheila Williams

Winston-Salem, NC

​I recently took the "Infinite Possibilities" Workshop with Laura at NH Metaphysical in Londonderry, NH. I had been working on trying to tune myself into the possibilities that await me, but was struggling to get out of my own way. Although I am still working on it, Laura's class really helped me to be more open and be able to see things in a different light. I really appreciated her candid stories and her ability to relate to the all of us in the class despite our various personalities. I look forward to taking classes with Laura in the future.

Abigail McCune

Londonderry, NH

I had the best experiences in the advanced class. I had taken the basic & intermediate with a different instructor but Laura's teaching is more student involvement and she is so knowledgeable and down to earth you can't help but to love her! My favorite part of the class was the vision board, which I had never heard of, but I use it for my intentions & meditation. I had so much fun connecting with the Angels and learning further how to work with them! If you have a chance to get into her classes you'll see what I'm talking about. Many Blessings.

Mary Nadeau

Laura is a kind and compassionate instructor with remarkable interpersonal skills and the patience of a saint.  She is articulate in her approach with the material she presents and explains everything in detail.  Laura was more than happy to answer my myriad of questions and never showed even the slightest bit of irritation when I presented her with yet another question.  She creates a space for all the students to feel welcome, safe and supported.  I truly look forward to advancing my education and my practice through additional courses and workshops Laura offers.

Shauna Gullbrand, Good Life Advocate & Coach

Salem, NH

​I have had the pleasure of being introduced to IET by Laura. As a student in her class, I had enjoyed her easy to understand approach and the flexibility to naturally incorporate insights not only from her own experience but also from the perspectives and questions of students with diverse backgrounds. 


Laura is a natural teacher and, for me, has been a source of inspiration for continued personal evolution as well as support when I felt ready to teach, her feedback giving me the extra courage to make the leap forward on my path.


Moreover, it has been a privilege to experience an energy healing session with Laura. I was going through a turbulent time in my life, feeling pulled in many directions and struggling to find balance. The session with Laura brought a deep sense of peace and wholeness, helping me feel empowered to better prioritize challenges and experience more joy in life. In addition, the intuitive insights Laura had shared with me that day continue to serve as important personal reminders for me and as guides in personal expansion.


I am grateful to have met Laura as a teacher, a healer, and a friend.


Greater Boston, MA

​I had the pleasure of taking the infinite possibilities class in Londonderry with Laura. At first, I was unsure of really what really to expect from this class but I know that the class appealed to me, as I am familiar law of attraction and Mike Dooley. After taking the class I felt empowered and more in charge of my own life and I feel I learned new tools and also on how apply the new tools to my everyday life. The class structure was comfortable and nurturing and the mini breaks throughout the class for meditation where a added bonus. It was perfect way to start 2018 with a positive new perspective. Thank you!



Laura's distant healing service, unyielding support and helpful suggestions regarding additional healing modalities have been invaluable to me. I have been a loyal client for over five years. I am so grateful to have her in my life!


Charleston, SC

​I attended Laura's IET training and it has ignited an amazing journey. I have been inspired to expand my knowledge and help others through my work. IET has also given me a new technique to help my clients release things that are holding the back from living their life to the fullest. I highly recommend IET training from Laura, who is a wonderful teacher.

Michelle M.

Boston, MA

There were many things I liked about the Infinite Possibilities class:

1-I liked that it is a very simple, easy to follow, and structured way of looking at things as well as life goals and trajectories. 

2-I feel that your engineering background and own organization skills helped you create a good set up for the lessons. I liked the combination of talking, meditating, exercises and sharing that made the day quite interesting.

3-Your honesty, sincerity and openness made it very comfortable for me to share my own experiences as well as areas in need of learning.

4-The way the class was set up was low key and had a feeling of holding and comfort -being in a circle, smaller class and space comfortable. Your attention to providing water and snacks was a plus.

5-The workbook provided can be used for anything and in parts or as a whole when doing self-reflection.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

Bambi Mathay

Norwood, MA

​I was a student in Laura’s Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level IET classes and had a wonderful learning experience! IET initially sparked my interest because I wanted to clear old traumas and break free of limiting beliefs and habits. I started to see a decrease in anxiety and an increase in self-confidence almost immediately after the first class! Laura is a great teacher because she makes the learning process fun and accessible. She's very approachable and creates a learning environment in which it feels safe to step out of one's comfort zone and explore something new. Thanks to taking IET classes with Laura, I've made great strides in a very short period of time on issues I've previously spent a lot of time and money attempting to resolve. It will be fun to see where things go from here!


Bedford, NH

I took all three levels of IET training with Laura and it has been life changing. I started IET training because as a healthcare professional I have come to understand there is a link between our emotions and our physical wellness. My intention in taking these classes was to help others heal, however, upon completing of the Advanced IET class I have noticed changes within myself that I will forever be grateful for. Laura's passion for teaching is beyond words, you will walk out of her class a changed person.”


New Hampshire

​Learning and practicing IET has been the most rewarding experience. I have been a Reiki practitioner for many years and IET has expanded my understanding and healing potential.

Laura Haley is a beautiful soul. She is a gentle, patient instructor whose classes reflect her core being. I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly benefitted from every class I took with her.


Hudson, NH

​Laura is thoughtful, knowledgeable and well-prepared. I took her Keys to Manifestation class. The content she presented was inspirational and easy to understand. Instead of providing too much information, she keyed in on important points and action items that I could put into effect right away.

K. Martin

Bradford, MA

​Laura has an amazing talent. She is warm, caring, and highly skilled. I confidentially recommend her to anyone seeing alternative and complementary healing strategies for the mind and body.

Scott M.

Woburn, MA

​I have taken weekend workshops, one day workshops, and gone to as many meditation groups as I possibly can. Laura is a truly pure and loving person.  She has helped me in many ways.  And has made teaching meditation as well as growth classes her passion, and everyone who meets her just feels it!  The love that Laura has within her radiates to all people she encounters.  I am blessed to have learned from her.

Sheila B.

Wakefield, MA

​I was blessed to take the IET series with Laura. Every class was fun and exciting, while also structured enough to cover the material. Laura was very patient with our many, many questions and was happy to elaborate on a topic, demonstrate techniques, or share her experiences. The end of each class seemed to come far too quickly, and I couldn't wait to take the next one. I'm looking forward to taking additional classes with Laura in the future and highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning this wonderful and powerful healing modality.

Jill K.

Nashua, NH

​I participated in the Healing Angels of IET with Laura Haley and enjoyed the class very much. Laura guided us gently and with care through the process and meditations. She provided very insightful and knowledgeable feedback on our individual experiences during throughout the workshop. I look forward to taking more classes with Laura in the near future. Soon after the workshop I felt positive changes in my life!


Wakefield, MA

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