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Healing Services Overview

Because of our life experiences and our emotions, we all carry imprints in our energy field that can affect our health and happiness. These imprints influence how we perceive the world and how others perceive us, basically impacting all aspects of life. Long held traumatic energetic imprints eventually lead to illness. In our practice, we use a combination of Reiki, IET, and the BioMat to customize a session based on your personal needs.  

  • IET is great for getting to the root of any problem (physical, emotional, mental, life crisis). It releases the energetic effects of emotions, traumas, and limiting thoughts and beliefs and then empowers you by imprinting your energy field with the opposite of whatever was released. This allows you to be your best possible self.  It is truly life changing!

  • Reiki is great for keeping your energy centers (chakras) in balance and treating physical issues. Reiki is an ancient form of Eastern medicine that has made its way into traditional medicine. It is commonly offered in hospitals and recommended by doctors to treat a multitude of issues.

  • The BioMat detoxifies the cells of your body and works on your energy field simultaneously.  It works on your whole body while I work on you!

Details about specific energy healing modalities and services can be found on our About ReikiAbout IET, and About BioMat pages.

Sessions are offered either in-person or distant (with the exception of BioMat which can only be in-person). Details about distant healing can be found on our Distant Healing page.

Scheduling a session

Note: In-person sessions are suspended until at least further notice. Distant sessions are still available. To schedule a session, please visit our Schedule & Pay page. For a price list please visit our Services & Prices page.

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