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Healing Angels Workshop

"A Two-Way Conversation with Angels"

Come bask in the angelic energy and release limitations! In this powerful workshop, you will learn to connect (or deepen your connection) with angels.  


This class has something to offer everyone from novice to expert because these angels are here to help us succeed beyond our wildest dreams in all areas of our lives.  You will not just learn about these angels, you will EXPERIENCE them!


The Healing Angels are here to support you with whatever you need. All you need to do is invite them!


  • You will learn a 4-step process to energetically connect with angels to receive healing energy and information.  

  • While this process can be used to connect with any angel, we will work with 9 specific angels who will help you in various areas of your life.  

  • You will learn the healing gift of each of these angels and a special prayer of invocation to call upon each of them.

  • You will spend some time with each angel, receiving their healing energy and divine guidance.

  • Truly, anyone can learn to do this!


You will receive a workbook and an official certificate of completion. Over the years this workshop has brought much healing and insight to its participants. It is a fun and empowering experience!​

Class Fee:  

$125 if paid 10 days in advance (early bird discount)

$145 if paid fewer than 10 days in advance

Dates and Locations:  

Date: TBD (Returning winter/spring 2025)

Place: Circles of Wisdom (Methuen MA)

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