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Creating Sacred Space

Learn how to create sacred space anywhere and take it with you everywhere you go!

What is Sacred Space

Sacred space is a place where the energy is pure and loving. It is a place of peace, comfort, and safety. It is a place where you can easily align with your true divine self.

Why Create Sacred Space

There are many reasons why you may want to create sacred space (also known as setting sacred space). I highly recommend it when doing any spiritual work such as energy healing or mediation. I personally like to set sacred space every night before I go to sleep.

You may also like to use these techniques to shift the energy of your workplace or help you feel safe when traveling (for example: your car, plane, or hotel). The possibilities are endless!

Ways to Set Sacred Space

Many tools can be used to raise the vibration of a space, such as:

  • Burning smudge sticks

  • Sprays (smudge sprays or flower essence sprays for example)

  • Items from nature (sticks, rocks)

  • Crystals

  • Music (such as singing bowls or Sanskrit chants)

  • Tuning Forks or Tingshas

  • Pendulums

  • Aromatherapy

  • Candles

  • Prayer

One thing all these tools have in common in using them with intention—a powerful tool in and of itself. Intention moves energy.

Intend to connect with the purest source of love and light whether you are using scent, sound, or any other tools. Intend that this love and light fill your space and there is no room for anything but love and light. I like to avoid any fear-based intentions.

My Favorite Way

My favorite way to set sacred space is through a prayer of intention, simply because it doesn’t require any tools—you can do this any time and anywhere! As I say the prayer, I visualize and feel every aspect of it.

My prayer includes these elements. You may want to write your own prayer and say it daily.

  • I ask for only the highest and purest sources of love, light, and wisdom to be present.

  • I express gratitude to God, my angels & guides, and Mother Earth.

  • I invite in Archangel Michael (angel of safety and protection) as well as my angels and guides. I ask Archangel Michael to clear the area of any lower vibration energies.

  • I ask that the space be filled with the light of God.

  • I ask that the angels create a canopy of light above, a floor of light below, and a wall of light all around so only love may be present, only love may enter.

  • I add on any intentions related to my reason for creating sacred space. For example, when going to bed, I may set the intention for peaceful rejuvenation and imparting of divine wisdom keeping me aligned with my purpose.

The Power is Within You

I encourage you to try some of these techniques for yourself and see which ones resonate with you most. If your intention is to connect with and fill your space with pure sources of love, you can’t go wrong. You may be more comfortable using tools such as smudge initially, but over time you’ll realize that the power to move energy and create sacred space is all within you.

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