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Anyone Can Receive Divine Guidance

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The most common question I am asked by my clients is how they can receive their own guidance from angels. The truth is your angels are always offering you guidance, but never interfering with your free will. In this post, I’ll provide tips on asking for and recognizing divine guidance from your angels.

The asking

Ask to be guided to whatever your heart is longing for. You can do this out loud or in your mind. You don’t need to know your angels’ names, but if there are specific angels you like to work with then you can. Ask with a sense of gratitude, thanking the angels in advance for their support. This isn’t because the angels require it, but rather because the energy of gratitude sends out a strong signal. It is a powerful force for attracting what you desire. It implies an expectation that your answers are on their way. It also opens your heart to receive.

Meditation is not the only way to listen

While meditation is absolutely a great way to listen for divine guidance, it is by no means the only way. For those who have a restless conscious mind like me, attempting to access guidance in this way can be an exercise in frustration. Guidance may not always come immediately or in the form that you expect. It can come during times when your conscious mind is quiet, such as upon waking in the morning or when doing something mundane. It may feel like your own idea appearing in your thoughts. My guidance often hits me as inspiration while I’m in the shower! Be open to receiving guidance in whatever form it arrives. With practice and by following my tips below on discernment, you’ll learn to recognize it.

Unexpected messengers

A common way to receive guidance is from another person. The angels are constantly lining up synchronistic events to answer your prayers. One of the most powerful ways to reach you is through a messenger. The messenger may be a friend you are having a conversation with, it could be a random post you happen to see on social media that inspires you to take action, or perhaps an email that you open and find an event that interests you. There are endless ways in which messengers communicate with you. This form of communication often feels like everyday life, but looking back in retrospect, you’ll see where you’ve been guided in this way.

A real-life example: One of the biggest turning points in my life was in 2010. This was a year when so many things went wrong. I was already at a low point when we were robbed by our movers. I mentioned this to my realtor to caution her not to recommend this moving company. She knew what a challenging year I was having and said to me “you should get your energy healed.” Boom – that was the point at which my life took a turn for the better. She was my unexpected messenger. I sought out my own healing, which led me on a path to a whole new career. I had been asking the universe to help me find a more fulfilling career, one that helped people. I had no idea where to begin. This was the starting point of the angels leading me step by step on this new path.

Sometimes it’s the little things

Not all guidance sounds grand. Oftentimes guidance comes as a single step along a path as with my example of seeking out energy healing. You may not know where the path is leading, but the angels know how to get you to where you want to be. Any time you take inspired action even in the smallest way, you are following your divine guidance. At some point you’ll look back and see how the steps were perfectly laid out to move you toward your desires.

Discernment is key

When you receive divine guidance, it feels loving and often fills you with feelings of excitement and inspiration. If it feels right, trust it. If you ever believe you’re receiving guidance that feels like you’re being told “you must do this”, that is your ego. Practice paying attention to how you feel to learn the difference. If you feel anxious, criticized, or that your free will is being restricted, this is not true divine guidance. If you feel uplifted, inspired, excited, joyful, this is true divine guidance.

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