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Steps to Transformation

Series Overview

This series was created by the Center of Being, the same organization that brings us IET®. The information and energetic processes were channeled from Archangel Ariel, who is helping humanity create a state of Heaven on Earth.


Quite the opposite of “no pain, no gain”, the motto of this Steps to Transformation series is “no pleasure, no treasure”. These modules are designed to create an environment of joy-filled energetic expansion and personal transformation. This series will help you heal your trauma without having to relive the drama or pain. The ultimate goal is a life full of ease and pure joy!


Everything you need is already within you. You are like a seed planted in fertile soil. What sprouts from the seed was already encoded in it. In the same way, your gifts and purpose are already encoded in you. Let’s uncover them and help them grow.

In Each Step:
  • Each 90-minute module consists of some lecture material as well as a guided transformational energetic experience.

  • You will be connected with powerful angelic energy and you will learn establish your own energetic connection with the Healing Angels.

  • You will learn to use ancient sacred geometry, combined with special techniques channeled from Archangel Ariel to heal and transform our life. 

  • You will learn hand mudras that will let you instantly re-activate each step at any time.

Series vs. Individual Steps

Because each step builds upon the previous, we recommend you attend the steps in sequence for the most optimal transformational experience. However, it is not required and there is no prerequisite for any of the steps.

Pricing & Registration

Class Dates:

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Location: Online


Not currently scheduled. 


Pricing :

Full Series: $220 early bird, $250 regular (** includes a free workbook)

Single Step: $40 (*must purchase workbook) 

Early Bird Pricing:

The early bird price is given when registering for the series at least 7 days in advance.


* When purchasing steps individually there is a one-time $10 workbook purchase required. This workbook covers as many steps as you would like to attend in this series or any time that this workshop is offered in the future.


** When purchasing the whole series at once, the workbook is included for free.

Steps Overview

Overview / Heartlink with Your Angel
  • Overview of the entire series

  • Overview of angels

  • Identify your transformation goals

  • Learn how to energetically connect with angels to receive healing, guidance, and insights

  • Learn how to sense your angels using each of your psychic senses

DNA 1.png
Activate Your 12-Strand DNA
  • Learn about your Soul’s Mission

  • Learn about 12-Strand DNA and how it governs all aspects of your life

  • Participate in a process to activate your 12-Strand DNA, bringing it into resonance with angelic energy

  • This process helps you to easily begin to live your heart’s desires

Clear your Karma
  • Learn what Karma is (hint: it has nothing to do with punishment or judgment)

  • Identify and clear your unwanted karma to break free from challenging patterns

  • This process turns major obstacles into minor speedbumps

  • This helps you achieve growth and spiritual mastery with more ease and joy

LIGHTER - Forgiveness 1.png
Achieve True Forgiveness
  • Learn what true forgiveness is (hint: it’s not about the person you’re forgiving)

  • Learn how holding onto judgements only serves to limit you

  • Let go of the energy of past hurts for good and free yourself to follow your heart

  • Share forgiveness energy with the world to benefit all of humanity

Heart 3.png
Empower Your Heart
  • When you combine divine creative power with unconditional love and compassion, you live your life from an empowered heart

  • We’ll build an Atlantean Healing Temple to help us achieve perfect balance and live from this place

  • You’ll become “a miracle magnet”

  • You’ll also discover your life’s essential action and begin to live from that place

LIGHTER - Future Life 2b.png
Future Life Progression
  • You’ll meet your Soul Council

  • You’ll experience an angelically guided journey into a future lifetime

  • One that is the perfect expression of your Soul’s Mission

  • You’ll reap the benefit of the experience in your current lifetime

Freedom 4 TOP.png
  • Learn how and where you consciously and unconsciously give up your freedom

  • Learn how this holds you back

  • Participate in an energetic process to lovingly free ourselves, benefitting all of our relationships

  • Learn how to cut energy cords that are not love-based and are not serving your highest good

  • Learn to be truly free regardless of external circumstances

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