Distant Healing Overview

Distant sessions offer a convenient alternative to in-person sessions for those of you with a busy schedule. Reiki and IET can be performed remotely, meaning the client and the practitioner are in different places. This is also called "distant healing". For details about each of these healing services, please visit About Reiki or About IET.

A distant session can be used to send healing energy to any person anywhere! This is possible because energy is not limited by time or space. A distant session can also be used to heal a group of people at once to improve the quality of the energy in your home or office. 

There's nothing you need to do during the session except enjoy the benefits. If you choose to "tune in" during the session, the preferred method is for you to be lying down in a comfortable quiet place so you can fully experience the treatment on a conscious level. We would set up a designated start and finish time prior to the treatment. At the specified time, the treatment is performed remotely. You can expect to experience the same sensations and results as you would in an in-person session. You will receive an email with session notes at the completion of your session.

Scheduling and Purchasing a Session:

Please schedule and pay for your session using our Schedule & Pay page.


A full description of all options is shown on the scheduling page.

NOTE: You will be required to provide a photo via email.