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Trust the Process

Receive the energy of blessings from the Angels of IET®

This month's message encourages you to Trust the Process of your journey, and to trust yourself. My intention is that the messages and blessings be for the highest good of whoever chooses to receive them.

I select 3 cards from the Bag of Blessings* to use as prompts for the messages. I then feel and interpret what additional information comes through for each card. As you read and focus on the blessings, you will receive the energy of them. This, in turn, assists you in releasing blockages and healing traumas that are holding you back from the life you desire. This exercise can be repeated as often as desired to achieve layers of healing.

* The Bag of Blessings contains 45 blessing cards from the 9 Healing Angels of IET. Scroll to the bottom if you’d like to learn more about the Bag of Blessings and the Healing Angels of IET.

How to receive the energy of the blessings

You will receive the energy by your intention to do so. Please feel free to use your intuition or to follow these suggestions:

  • Read the summary of blessings and the detailed messages.

  • Close your eyes for a moment, relax into your breathing, and feel your attention turning within.

  • Particularly focus on your heart center and feel it open.

  • Next, open your eyes and softly gaze at the summary of blessings.

  • As you breathe, imagine you are breathing their energy into your heart center.

  • Sit for as long as feels right for you.

  • As with any intuitive guidance, take only what resonates with you.

This Month's Blessings

Angel Blessings Summary from the Bag of Blessings

  • Archangel Gabriel blesses you with Synchronicity

  • Archangel Gabriel blesses you with Trust

  • Angel Cassiel blesses you with Peace

Detailed Interpretation

Archangel Gabriel governs our third eye center. He lights the path before us to guide us toward our life’s purpose. He helps us to see clearly and to trust in our own inner guidance system––our intuition. The blessing of Synchronicity is a form of divine guidance. These seemingly chance encounters are some of the many ways angels communicate with us. You may connect with just the right person or hear just the right words to illuminate your next step. It will just feel right and that’s how you’ll know you’re receiving this blessing.

Archangel Gabriel appears twice today, showing his strong guiding presence. His second blessing today is Trust. Trust that the angels are lighting your path. Trust that your instincts are showing you the way. You are receiving extra support helping you to trust in this process and trust yourself. As a result, your journey will unfold with more ease.

Angel Cassiel governs the heart center. The heart holds the wisdom of our soul and is also part of our internal guidance system. The heart guides us through our longings and desires. Our deepest desires point us in the direction that’s best for us. This blessing of Peace allows us to move toward our desires without judgement, in a state of inner peace and trust. Know you are worthy of anything your heart is longing for. There’s no need to push or force anything. Allow yourself to be guided forward in peace by following your heart.

Would you like more information?

The 9 Healing Angels of IET are working closely with mankind to help us reach a state of “Heaven on Earth”. Each Angel assists us with a specific aspect of our healing journey. They help connect us with our life’s purpose and help remove any obstacles that prevent us from living it fully. Ways to learn more:

  • Join me for my monthly group healing online event “Angel Connection & Healing Session”. Learn more here.

  • Book a private IET distant healing session here.

  • Find my full schedule of events here.

  • Learn more about the Healing Angels of IET in the book “Healing Angels of the Energy Field”. It can be purchased here.

  • Purchase your own Bag of Blessings here.

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