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Keys to Manifestation

Yes, you can have it all! You are meant to live a life that is joy-filled and the Earth has more than enough resources to provide you with everything you need to succeed in manifesting your dreams. This workshop will provide you with the keys to turning your dreams into reality. Based on years of research and experience, along with proven techniques, I have put together an all-encompassing workshop. With a combination of instruction, practical activities, and meditation, it is designed to be fun and produce results!


In this two-part workshop, we will learn and practice the following keys to manifestation:

  • Becoming consciously aware of your heart's desires

  • Identifying & releasing limiting thoughts & beliefs

  • Clearing the manifestation channel through the chakras

  • Creating and utilizing a Vision Board to clarify your vision and attract everything you need

  • Working with angels to increase your power to manifest

  • Being a vibrational match to that which you wish to attract


We are living in a time when the universe is encouraging everyone to step into their power to create the life of their dreams. We all have this power, and this divinely inspired workshop can help you find yours. Please dress comfortably and bring a notebook and pen.

How to Register

Registration is being handled by Circles of Wisdom. Please call them at 978-474-8010 or use this link to register online.


This class is not currently scheduled. Please contact us if you'd like to see it added.


Price (includes both sessions):

$75 if paid in-full 10 days in advance

$95 if paid in-full 1-9 days in advance

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