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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will it take to see results? 
There is always some benefit from any healing session, even a single session.  The number of treatments needed in order to gain significant or complete relief from an issue varies depending on a number of things such as:  whether the issue is chronic, long-term, or very deeply rooted, the client’s willingness to move forward, and external factors that could be contributing.  In general, it is suggested that a client begins with a series of 3 or 4 treatments, spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart.  From that point forward, monthly or as needed.

How often can I receive treatments? 
Energy healing is completely safe with no side effects and can be performed as often as desired.   However, I recommend allowing approximately 1 week between sessions.  Full rebalancing after a session can take anywhere from 24 hours to 1 week.

Is it safe to receive energy healing while pregnant? 
Yes, there are no side effects.  The treatment is safe for anyone.   

What is spiritual counseling?
Please refer to next question “How can I help myself?”.   

How can I help myself? 
As part of your session, I offer spiritual counseling.  This typically takes approximately 5 minutes at the end of your session to discuss the results of the treatment, and for me to make recommendations if you wish.  We can allow more time if needed.  This is completely optional.  Spiritual counseling can mean different things to different people.  In this case, it is a way for me to share with you techniques that you can use on your own to be an active participant in your healing process and to align with your higher self.  The techniques I offer will be tailored personally to you so that they do not conflict with your current belief system (although they might inspire you to expand), and they will build over time as you learn more and more about helping yourself.  If you have any further questions after your session, I am available via email.

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